Eudora Converter

Tool for Eudora Mailbox Conversion to PST, PDF, EML etc

  • Auto-locates Eudora Mailboxes from its default location
  • Performs Eudora conversion to multiple file formats – PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, EMLX, MSG, RTF and HTML
  • Support to convert Eudora files to all editions of MS Outlook (32 and 64 bit)
  • Batch conversion of Eudora emails is supported
  • Convert Eudora mailbox with correct email properties
  • Creates a new file after converting Eudora emails to desired format
  • Tested with 9 GB of data, no restriction on the size of data to be converted

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“Versatile” Eudora Email Converter

Eudora Converter is a multi-conversion application, which provides easy support for converting Eudora emails to multiple applications – MS Outlook, supporting both 32 and 64 bit editions (PST & MSG), Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, DreamMail (EML), Apple Mail, Thunderbird (MBOX), Mac OSX based email apps (EMLX), Acrobat Reader (PDF), HTML and RTF. With automated navigation to Eudora's store location, the software performs easily and converts data, without much efforts. Whichever format is chosen for Eudora conversion, a new output file is always generated, with all the properties retained in accurate form.

Outstanding Features of Eudora Converter

  • Auto Detects email data from Eudora store location More...

    auto-detection of Eudora store locationOne of the highlighting features of the software is its ability to auto detect its store location. This makes it easy for users to convert their emails without getting into the technical aspects and perform effortless conversion.

  • software provides multiple conversion optionsEudora Email Converter provides options to convert Eudroa mailbox to various options – PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, EMLX, RTF and HTML. This way users can easily access their Eudora messages in different applications like, MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, DreamMail, Outlook Express, Acrobat Reader etc.

  • convert eudora mailbox in batch The software offers conversion of multiple Eudora mailboxes, saved in different folders and sub-folders in batch mode. Just saving all the Eudora MBX files and folders in a single folder and selecting this folder using "Add Folder having MBOX/MBX files" option will be enough to use batch conversion mode.

  • software creates new UNICODE PST file, viewable in Outlook 32 and 64bit editionsThe software allows conversion of Eudora emails to UNICODE PST format, which is accessible in all editions of MS Outlook (supporting 64 and 32-bit) - 2016, 2013 to 2003. The software also provides option to either create a new PST or update the default PST file. When "Create New PST" option is selected, users also get the option to either create a single Outlook PST file or separate PST files for each mailbox. Important : MS Outlook installation is mandatory for converting Eudora to PST.

  • software performs Eudora mailbox conversion to EML/EMLX tooAnother option offered by the software is conversion of Eudora emails to EML, which can be further accessed in all EML based applications – Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, eM Client etc. Conversion of Eudora to EMLX files is also supported by the program, which can be viewed in all Mac OSX systems – Entourage, Evolution etc.

  • Use the software to convert Eudora emails to MBOX filesEudora Email Converter also provides option to convert Eudora emails to MBOX format. Once converted to MBOX, the converted Eudora messages can be easily viewed in multiple applications – Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Berkeley, The Bat etc.

  • Convert Eudora to PDF, viewable in all Acrobat Reader versionsBy converting Eudora emails to PDF format, the software makes them accessible in all Editions of Acrobat Reader, upto 11.

  • Convert Eudora to RTF and HTMLIf users want to view their emails in any web browser, then they can use HTML option of the software and convert all their emails from Eudora mailboxes to this format. Similarly, by choosing RTF option, all the Eudora emails can be easily managed and used in office documentation purposes.

  • Eudora Email Converter is an expert in forensic investigationEudora Converter is a specially designed software which helps in forensic investigation and solving various crimes. The converted data is helpful for forensic investigators, who can dig out important evidences and efficiently solves cyber crimes.

  • Easy to use Eudora mailbox Conversion programWith simple interface that is so easy to understand, converting Eudroa MBX files is no more a difficult task now. The software provides just 2-3 steps, that even non-technical users can follow without any technical support and effortlessly convert Eudora mailbox to EML, MBOX, PDF, PST, EMLX and other formats.

  • Convert emails from all Eudora mailboxesEudora saves all its emails in their respective mailbox folders, i.e. all incoming emails are saved in In.mbx, Sent emails in Sent.mbx, Drafts are saved in Drafts.mbx. The software allows conversion of Eudora email data from all these mailboxes, into desirable file format.

  • software saves emails formatting and meta headers tooThe software is a non-destructive application and makes sure that not even a single detail is being modified or damaged during and after the Eudora conversion is over. When viewed in other applications, it can be seen that all the emails meta headers (to, cc, bcc, sent/received date etc.) and formatting (RTF, HTML etc.) are precisely saved.

  • attachments are converted and embedded within email messageAn email consists of messages and sometimes they also have some important files attached with them. These attachments could be an office document (.doc, .xls. .ppt etc), media files (.jpg, .avi, .mp3) etc. The software, along with emails, converts these attachments too and embeds them within the message, in their original file format.

  • Folder hierarchy is maintained in exact formEudora Email Converter accurately maintains the folder structure of the emails while converting them to other options. This makes it easy for users to manage their emails in other email applications the way they used to manage them in Eudora.

  • Conversion of Orphan MBX emails is easily achieved by the softwareThough software auto detects Eudora's store location, but that doesn't mean that it will not work on systems which don't have Eudora installed in them. Its an efficient tool that supports to manually select orphan Eudora files using the two files and folders selection buttons and convert these emails too, without any problems.

  • File naming options to save MBX filesUsing Eudora Email Converter, users also get the freedom to save their converted data according to different file renaming options, making it easier for them to manage their email messages.

  • Windows compatible Eudora Email ConverterThe software is a Windows based application, which can be easily used on all Windows operating systems – 10, 8.1, 8 and all early editions.


Program Name:
Eudora Converter
File size:
16.6 MB
Program Type:
Language Supported:
System Requirements:
Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Minimum 30 MB Space
Operating System:
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc
Demo Edition Limitation:
Eudora Converter Freeware edition will convert 25 emails only from each Eudora mailbox.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Eudora Converter is a 9-in-1 conversion program that converts Eudora mailboxes to PST, MBOX, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLX, HTML, RTF and MBX.
No, Eudora Email Converter is a self-dependent program that doesn't require Eudora installation for converting its emails to your desirable option.
Yes, the software will easily convert Eudora emails along with attachments to most of the offered file format options and that too with accurate file formats.
Yes, Eudora Mailbox Conversion tool provides two options for saving PST files. One is "Create New PST" which will convert all the Eudora mailboxes in new PST file at your defined location and second is "Update default PST" which will update the default PST file at Outlook's store location. Create New PST also allows you to either create a "Single Outlook PST File", which will save all the Eudora mailboxes in single PST file. Unchecking this option will create separate PST files for individual MBX file.
Important, before converting Eudora to PST, your system must have Outlook installed with proper account configured in it.

What Clients Say

Eudora Converter is such an amazing software that it provides easy and accurate conversion of Eudora emails to multiple file formats. A must have tool for all Eudora users who want quick conversion of their Eudora mailboxes to different applications.

- Karolin Hoffmann, 3327 Hillcrest Avenue, Worcester, MA 01610

Earlier, shifting from Eudora was such a complicated task, but not any more. Thanks to Eudora Mailbox Converter, as it simplified the whole conversion process easily and precisely with all the emails saved with accurate email attributes and attachments.

- Stephanie Vogel, 1057 Russell Street, Woburn, MA 01801

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