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How to Convert Eudora Emails to PDF File Format With Attachments?

Johnson Miller ~ Modified: 24-01-2023 ~ Convert Data ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you want to send your Eudora’s email to someone through attachments, then you have to save your emails in PDF format first, only after that, you can send Eudora’s emails with attachments. Today we will discuss how you can convert Eudora emails to PDF format with all attachments.

As we all know that exporting Eudora mailbox emails to Adobe PDF format is not that much of a difficult task, for this manual solution is also available. But the difficulty comes when you have emails in bulk and you also need complete header information of your emails. For which the manual method becomes useless again, after that you need a solution that can convert Eudora emails to PDF format in bulk and that too with complete header information. Today, in this article, we will also know that if you have emails in bulk, then what is the solution, with the help of which you will be able to complete this task?

What are the Main Benefits of Adobe PDF File Format?

  • If you want to protect your Eudora emails, then there is no good format in PDF file format, because PDF file format provides you the facility of password protection, so that you can add passwords to your file.
  • Most users also choose the PDF file format so that they can access that file from anywhere on any device, regardless of whether the Eudora email client is configured in their system or not.
  • Whenever a user has to share his Eudora emails with someone else, it is not possible for him. If those users convert Eudora emails to PDF file formats, then they can easily share that file with anyone.
  • The lack of support for character encodings such as UTF-8 in Eudora mailboxes makes it difficult to communicate with countries in Western Europe. To share their emails with anyone, users need to export their Eudora emails in PDF format.

These were some of the reasons why a user thinks of exporting his Eudora mailbox to Adobe PDF formats. Let us now know which methods can be used to complete this conversion.

Best Way to Convert Emails from Eudora to PDF File Formats

There are two solutions available to convert Eudora emails to PDF file format using which you can accomplish this conversion. The first of which is manual which you can use if you have Eudora, email client, if you do not have a Eudora email client then you have to use our second method which is the automatic method.

Export Eudora Mailbox to PDF File Using Manual Solution

  1. Open the Eudora client on a Windows computer.
  2. Choose the message you wish to convert to a PDF.
  3. Select “Print” from the “File” menu (or Ctrl+P) on your keyboard.
    convert eudora to pdf
  4. Then click the “Print” button while checking the “Print to a File” option.
  5. As an alternative, you can select the “Print One” option.
  6. Give the PDF file a name and choose a location now and then select “Save” from the menu.

Limitation of Manual Approach

  • This method will only work if you have Eudora 7 or an older version of the Eudora email client.
  • If you have emails in bulk then this method can be very time consuming because you will convert 10-15 emails but when you have thousands of emails then your time will be wasted.
  • If you use the manual method, then the header information will not come in the converted PDF file, because the header information is deleted by the manual method.

Convert Eudora Emails to PDF File Formats by Using Automatic Solution

If you want to export Eudora mailbox emails in PDF file format in bulk, then you will need an automated solution named Eudora File Converter Software. The software can also convert emails in your mailbox to many different formats in bulk without any size restrictions. This software also maintains the hierarchy of your mailbox folders very well at the time of conversion. If convert Eudora emails to PDF, you want to give it the file name as per your wish, now you can do it with one click.

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How to Use Eudora to PDF Converter Software?

  1. Download this Eudora to PDF converter software and then install or run this software on your windows platform
    download eudora to pdf converter
  2. Now choose the select folder or select file option and then upload the Eudora mailbox file
    upload eudora mailbox folder
  3. After that, select the Eudora Mailbox folder for the conversion as per your requirements
    selected folder
  4. Finally, choose the PDF option in the drop-down menu and then select the Destination path for the output data
    pdf option
  5. Now you can see the live conversion process and then the output data folder will be open automatically
    convert eudora emails to pdf


In this article, you learned how to convert Eudora emails to PDF file format with attachments in bulk. To complete this conversion, we have explained two methods in this article by which you can export your Eudora mailbox emails in PDF file format. Now you can use any method as per your wish if you want to know the opinion of us or the experts which method we would prefer. So our answer is that we will prefer the automatic method because this method provides you the option to convert bulk Eudora emails into PDF formats

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