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How to Export Eudora Contacts to CSV File Format? – Complete Information

Johnson Miller ~ Published: 14-02-2023 ~ Convert Data ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you also one of those users who have to export Eudora contacts to CSV format urgently but are not getting any solution? So there is no need to worry, now you have come to the right article, here you will be provided with all the solutions regarding this conversion. After which when you will do this conversion then you will not face any kind of problem after reading this article.

If you noticed our question “Are you one of them”, it is because one of our users asked us to answer the question whether there is any way to convert only Eudora contacts to CSV format. There is a solution. Then we thought about this query and there might be more user queries regarding this query so we have come up with this article to solve their and your query.

Well, exporting Eudora Address Book to csv file format is not as easy a task as it looks. But today we have come up with the process of completing this difficult task in a very easy way, after using which you will also wonder why I did not find this solution earlier. Let’s start the article now:

Why Do Users Want to Convert Eudora Address Book to CSV Format?

Users may want to export Eudora contacts to CSV format for several reasons, including:

  1. Transfer contacts to other email clients or services: CSV files are widely used to import and export data, so converting Eudora address book to CSV format makes it easy to transfer them to other email clients or services that support CSV files. This can be helpful when switching to a new email client or when using multiple email clients.
  2. Backup contact information: Exporting Eudora contacts to a CSV file is a simple way to create a backup of your contact information. This ensures that you have a copy of your contacts in case of data loss or if you accidentally delete a contact.
  3. Organize contact information: CSV files allow you to sort and filter data easily, making it a great format to organize contact information. Users can use spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Sheets to arrange their contacts in a more structured and organized manner.
  4. Migrate to a new email client: Eudora is an older email client that is no longer being developed, and users may want to migrate to a new email client. Export Eudora contacts to CSV format allows users to easily import their contacts to the new email client.

Overall, converting Eudora address book to CSV format provides users with greater flexibility and control over their contact information, making it easier to manage and transfer their contacts.

Best Way to Export Eudora Contacts to CSV File Format

There are two solutions available to export Eudora contacts to CSV format, which can help you complete this conversion. If you have a small contact list and are still using the Eudora email client, you can use a manual solution. If your contacts are in bulk then you will have to move to another solution which is an automated solution. Let us now see how both of these solutions are used.

Method 1: Convert Eudora Contacts to CSV Files Using Manual Method

  1. Open Eudora and go to the “Address Book” option from the “Tools” menu.
  2. Select the contacts you want to export by holding down the “Shift” key and clicking on each contact.
  3. Click on the “File” menu and select “Save As.”
  4. In the “Save As” dialog box, choose a location to save the file and select “CSV (Comma Separated Value)” from the “Save as type” dropdown menu.
  5. Enter a File name for the resultant data and click “Save.”
  6. The CSV file will create with all your Eudora contacts’ information, including name, email address, phone number, and any other contact details you have entered.

Following these steps will ensure that your Eudora contacts are exported to CSV format in the most efficient and accurate way possible. It is essential to verify that the contacts have been exported correctly.

Method 2: Export Address Book to CSV File Formats Using Automatic Software

The most advanced way to export Eudora contacts to CSV file format is Eudora Mailbox Converter Software. This software has the capability to convert your address book to csv file format in bulk without losing any information. Using this software is a very easy task, even a non-technical user can use this utility without any technical knowledge. This Eudora to CSV converter software provides you with accurate data on the contact list of your Eudora mailbox without losing any folder hierarchy.

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How to Use Eudora to CSV Converter Software With Complete Screenshots

  1. Download, install, and launch this Eudora to CSV Converter Software on your Windows Operating System
    download eudora to CSV converter
  2. After that, browse the Eudora mailbox data with the help of the Select Folder or Select File option
  3. Thereafter, select the Eudora Mailbox folder as per your need and then click the Next button
    select folder
  4. Now, select the CSV option as file saving option drop-down menu
    select csv
  5. Finally, choose the desired location path for the exported CSV file and then click the Next button
    click next


In this article, you learned how to export Eudora contacts to CSV file format without losing any information. In this article, we have explained two ways to do this conversion, out of which you can choose any one according to your wish. You can use professional software if you have contacts in bulk in the Eudora email client, or you can use the manual method if you only have a few contacts.

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