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How to Import Eudora Email to Gmail Account Directly With Attachments

Johnson Miller ~ Modified: 24-01-2023 ~ Migrate Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Were you also using the email client of the Eudora application and when this email client got stopped you got worried about what to do now because all your data was saved on your local system only? Because the Eudora email client used to configure the POP3 account so that all your data was saved on your system only. Now even if you configure your email id in any other email client application, your data will not be able to come back.

Don’t worry, you have come to the right article, here you will learn how to import Eudora email to Gmail, after which all your data will be saved from the local system to Gmail’s server, then you can access that data anytime and anywhere. Incidentally, if Gmail gets shut down in the future, you will be able to access that data in any other email application by just configuring the ID.

Reasons Behind the Selection of Gmail Email Account

Following are the reasons why a user should import Eudora email to Gmail, some of which we have listed below.

  • The Gmail email client configures the account in IMAP while Eudora used to configure it in POP3.
  • Gmail email application belongs to Google company, due to which the user’s trust in it is very high.
  • In Eudora, we could not save contacts, calendars, tasks, etc., but in Gmail, we can manage all these data well.
  • Gmail is a free email client that is used by every user, but Eudora is not free, due to which it is used by many users.
  • In the Gmail email client, you can label all emails by category, and when you need an email, you can go through that category.

Best Solution to Import Eudora Email to Gmail Account

You will need professional software to convert Eudora mailbox to Gmail as there is no manual solution available and the software you should use is Eudora Converter Software. This software directly import Eudora email to Gmail without losing any information. This Eudora to Gmail converter software is very easy to use and completes the conversion in bulk without any size restriction. Before using this software, you have to enable two settings in your Gmail account, after which you will be able to use this software without any errors. And we have mentioned below all the information about how to enable those settings.

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What To Do Before Using This Automatic Software?

If you wish to avoid any issues when importing Eudora email to Gmail, follow these steps before using the application.

How to Enable IMAP Settings in Gmail?

enable IMAP setting

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How to Import Eudora Mailboxes to Gmail Account With Screenshot?

  1. Firstly, download this Eudora to Gmail Converter by clicking download now button and then install and run this software on your Computer
    download eudora to gmail converter
  2. After the opening software, click the Auto-configure Eudora account option and then click the Next button
  3. After uploading the Eudora mailbox data, you can check or uncheck the email folder as per your need and then click the Next button
    check or uncheck email folder
  4. Eventually, select the Gmail option as a saving format in the drop-down menu
    select gmail option
  5. Finally, Enter the Gmail login credentials and then click the Next button, Now your Eudora mailbox data have import into your Gmail account
    enter login details

Top Advantages of Eudora to Gmail Migration Tool

  • With the help of the application, you may quickly move whole Eudora emails to Gmail accounts. You have the option to independently import your Eudora contacts and calendars to Gmail accounts using the software.
  • The software provides the option to automatically find the mailbox from the configured Eudora mailbox.
  • Additionally, the utility offers two manual selection alternatives. These choices make it simple to choose the older Eudora mailbox files.
  • The application preserves your email’s metadata throughout the process, including email attachments, subject lines, to, cc, bcc, and from addresses, photos, internet headers, formatting, hyperlinks, and more. Your Gmail account will receive the original copy of all of your emails as a result.
  • The application is compatible with both x86 and x64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.


In this article, you learned how you can import Eudora email to Gmail, and that too with all attachments data. In this article, we have tried our best to give you all the information you may need to convert Eudora mailbox data to Gmail account. Now if you need any other information apart from this, then you can click on the live chat button.

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