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How to Migrate Eudora Mailbox to Apple Mail Account With Address Book?

Johnson Miller ~ Modified: 25-01-2023 ~ Migrate Data ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you are also troubled to migrate Eudora mailbox to Apple Mail then don’t worry this article will be helpful for you. Where we have told you a reliable and smart way to complete this migration process, with the help of which you will complete this work without losing any time.

As we all know that Eudora and Mac Mail email clients store their data in different file formats and it becomes very difficult to do this migration process with the help of a manual method. When it comes to migrating mailbox data from older email clients such as Eudora to current email clients such as Apple Mail, the migration process becomes quite difficult.

Because the Eudora email client has been discontinued and the data of that mail client is now stored in the local system in its default format, for this reason, the user requests a migration process. So today we have come up with this article here you will find the easiest and 100% secure way to migrate Eudora mailbox to Apple Mail account. Let us start this article now, but before that let us know what is the reason behind this migration process.

Why Do Users Need to Convert Eudora Emails to Mac Mail Accounts?

There are many reasons to migrate Eudora mailbox to Apple Mail, due to which many users of Eudora email clients need to migrate their data, but among them, we have mentioned some important reasons below.

  • First of all, the reason is that the Eudora email client is now discontinued, due to which the user needs to migrate his data.
  • Apple Mail is a safe email client that protects the user’s database from hackers, virus attacks, and ransomware attacks, due to which users prefer apple mail more.
  • Whenever the user switches from a Windows system to a Mac OS system, the user also needs to migrate his/her data.

Easiest Method to Migrate Eudora Mailbox to Apple Mail

The easiest way to convert Eudora email to Mac mail is by using automated software because automated software can very easily import your entire mailbox into your current email client without any loss. Now you will ask which automatic software should be used, then let us tell you that you should use Eudora Converter Software.

Because this software comes with lots of advanced features in which you can migrate your selected emails as well. This software to migrate Eudora mailbox to Apple Mail does not impose any size restriction due to which you can migrate your data in bulk as well. Using this Eudora to Apple mail converter software is very easy, you will complete this migration process in just 3-4 simple clicks.

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How to Use Eudora to Apple Mail Converter Software?

  1. Download this Eudora to Mac Mail Converter and then install & run it on your Windows platform
    download eudora to apple mail converter
  2. Choose the Auto-Configure option for uploading the automatically Eudora mailbox data and then press the Next button
  3. Now select the required file or folder in the Eudora Mailbox data
    required folder
  4. Then, select the MBOX option in the drop-down menu
    select mbox option
  5. Finally, choose the desired location path for the MBOX file and then Hit the Next button
    click next

How to Import MBOX Files into Apple Mail?

After converting Eudora to Mac Mail MBOX format copy the converted file on a Windows machine and then paste it to a Mac mail machine using external storage devices like a pen drive and hard drive. After that, follow the instructions carefully to migrate Eudora mailbox to Apple Mail.

  1. Open the Apple Mail (Mac Mail), pick the File tab in the menu bar, and then click the Import Mailboxes option.
    select file button
  2. Data from Microsoft Entourage, Outlook Express, Claris Emailer, Netscape / Mozilla, Eudora, Mail for Mac OS X, and other applications can be imported into Apple Mail. Select the Other option from this point on, as indicated in the image.
    choose other option
  3. Click Continue after selecting Import data from Files in MBOX format.
    select continue button
  4. Select one or more MBOX files from your Mac computer, then click Continue to import mailboxes. Users may view their Windows Eudora Mails using Apple Mail once the process is finished.
    migrate eudora mailbox to apple mail

Top Advantages of Eudora to Mac Mail Converter

  • In order to migrate Eudora mailbox to Apple Mail account, Windows Eudora to Apple Mail Converter automatically loads Eudora mailbox files from the default storage location.
  • The Eudora to Mac Mail Converter also enables the importation of the Eudora contact book with nicknames into Mac Mail.
  • The transfer of all email objects, including emails, address books, attachments, subject lines, and signatures, is preserved by this Eudora to Apple Mail converter.
  • Before migration, the Eudora to Mac Mail converter allows users to preview the Eudora mailbox file or folder in the software panel.


In this above article, you learned how to migrate Eudora mailbox to Apple Mail with Address Book, and Attachments. If you follow our step-by-step migration process, you will complete the process without losing any data. The software which we have mentioned in the above blog comes with software demo additions in which you can convert starting 25 emails of all folders of Eudora mailbox to Mac Mail.

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